lisa sorba

…How about strolling around Roma with a fully licensed certified guide that has a solid preparation in archaeology and Art history, and is very enthusiastic about Rome? Who besides being an amateur photographer, a painter and a blogger featuring all aspects of Rome, has  done extensive studies in order to capture all the amazing, astonishing and beautiful aspects of the Eternal city.

Last but not least, a great food lover , coming from a family of wine producers. Well, that would be me, Lisa, official guide of Rome, working for the love of it and originating from Turin , in northern Italy. After being fascinated by Rome, I decided that it would be the place to live and raise my daughters.

Let me introduce myself through my photos and my blog, and let me show you  My Rome in a sort of  time machine, far back into the centuries of the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance up to our time. Let me take you for a delicious ice cream or a glass of wine in order to appreciate Roman life and do what Romans do….

I’ll be your Cicero and you ‘ll be my guest, and you’ll see a Rome off the beaten tracks!